Industry Testimonials...

Sophia Hurdley, Principal Artist with Matthew Bourne's New Adventures

"I've had the pleasure of teaching and adjudicating for Anna over the past 3 years and have always found the standard of her students to be similar to those already on a vocational course. This is testament to the quality and care of her teaching and mentoring.

She is a consummate professional with a fantastic vision and enthusiasm for dance and the arts.

This combined with her knowledge of business makes her an exciting entrepreneur - I look forward to seeing what she does in the future!"

Jack Mitchell, Artist with Matthew Bourne's New Adventures

"I took up Ballet at the age of 17 with the goal of becoming a professional dancer.  I was soon introduced to Anna and through her teaching my passion for Ballet grew as well as my understanding of classical technique and repertoire.  Anna gave me the tools and confidence to audition for professional training which led to my 3 year scholarship at Performers College.  Since being a professional dancer I have also had the pleasure of teaching alongside Anna.    Her ability to cater to students' individual needs and varying degrees of facility is, I believe, second to none and I know I would not have achieved the success I have had in my career without the early teaching from Anna and her consistent support ever since."

Adjudication Testimonials:

Vocational students...

Jo Hampton, Organiser of North Somerset Festival of Dance

"We were privileged to have Anna Morgan as our dance adjudicator at our Festival. Anna brings a refreshing professional approach to her adjudicating. She combines a strong understanding of the best of traditional dance techniques with a good eye for current trends. She makes every competitor feel valued and her feedback provides them all with ideas to further develop their work."

Gemma Mulcahy, Principal Fantasy Feet Dance

"Probably the most wonderful adjudicator we have danced for, so encouraging, friendly, positive and constructive. Every one of my students came away happy regardless of placing."

Rebecca Eades, Mother

"I think every child left that festival feeling a winner because you were so kind to each and every one of them."

Natasha Palmer, Mother

"You were a breath of fresh air as an adjudicator. The dancer knew exactly what you were looking for as did we the audience. You were so wonderful and encouraging to every single dancer and flooded them with tips on how to improve and included a few little mini master classes along the way!  I don't think a single dancer came away disappointed from this festival placed or not because you made them all feel special"

Kelly Stokes, Mother

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your comments... you were a breath of fresh air. Your comments were so informative (for both parents and dancer) and we all really feel like we learnt something."

Tilly Boys

"Miss Anna was there for me every step of the way during my college auditions, sharing her wisdom, support and guidance.  It has been an amazing journey. I really appreciate everything she has done for me and it's all thanks to Miss Anna's encouragement and totally believing in me which is why I have done so well in all my auditions.  I have had offers from Performers, Birds and The Centre!"

Jacob Curtis-Smith

"As soon as Miss Anna started teaching me in 2016 she has always had true faith in me and my talent, she has supported me with my applications and has been there every step of the way 100%. She not only nurtured what I was already able to do, but encouraged me to go further than I ever thought I could. I got offers from Laine and Performers, Miss Anna was so pleased and proud. I chose Performers and will be starting in September 2017.
Thank you Miss Anna, you are amazing!"

DDI/DDE Students...

Caroline Burke D.D.E.

'Having not come from a technical background myself , I can safely say that I found this course very challenging at first. However, with the help of our excellent teachers, we've all improved so much and feel much more confident in our ability to dance, as well as to teach, as a result of their tuition. I feel very grateful that I am going on to teach Ballet at a small school as a result of this course and hope to pursue more opportunities in the future.  Our teachers have been so patient with us, and are exceptionally good at what they do. Overall, the course has been hard work, but loads of fun and incredibly rewarding.'

Hannah Smith D.D.E.


“My time on this course has been a roller coaster ride, but the sense of pride and achievement I feel now for both myself and my fellow students is immense. Our teachers are extremely talented at what they do, and I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to gain some of their wisdom during my time on the course. I am so grateful for their outstanding tuition and patience and I have learnt so much, from the theory of time signatures, to imaginative choreography, and I feel so much more prepared to enter this profession. I have not only gained an insight into the world of a career in dance teaching, but also made huge improvements in my own dance technique and demonstration. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on this course!”

Jodie Knight D.D.E.


"This past year has been many things; it's been hard, exhausting and funny but most of all rewarding. I've learnt so much about myself... what I can do and what I can't do. I've become a better dancer than I ever thought possible and am now a much stronger person than I was a year ago - both physically and mentally.
Anna and Hannah have been completely wonderful and have given me so much knowledge! I can only thank them both for the continuous support, encouragement & commitment they have shown to myself and the rest of us on the course this year. It's been one hell of a ride and it's not one I will forget anytime soon."

Clare Wilders R.A.D. R.T.S. D.D.E.


"As former professional dancer, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a lengthy career in a variety of genres. I was often required to use my classical training for pas de deux work, whilst at the other end of the scale enjoyed touring and performing with pop singers both on stage and in their videos.

After retiring, I ventured into a completely different world… literally, and became a SCUBA diving instructor, living and working in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh. This is where I discovered my love of teaching, and on my return to the UK nearly a decade later, I gained the RAD Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma qualifying me to teach dance, in particular classical ballet.

It was at my audition to teach ballet at the Hasland Dance Studios that I watched Anna teaching some of the new ISTD Modern Theatre work and immediately I thought “That work is lovely. I want to teach Modern too!” It very much reminded me of the lyrical, almost contemporary work I had always enjoyed performing.

Hence I enrolled on the ISTD DDI (Diploma of Dance Instruction) in Modern Theatre, and since September have been put through my paces. We have been learning the syllabi inside out, upside down and backwards, together with the theory behind it, how it has been developed and how it can be taught. We have also created a fair chunk of our own work, which has been great fun. I have loved squeezing out the creative juices and it is great that expectations of us are high, giving us yet more of a challenge.

As a teacher, I am always learning new things, however thanks to the instruction I have received on the course, this process has been dramatically accelerated. Simply through returning to student mode myself and witnessing the teaching methods being used on our course has helped me reinforce and improve my own teaching. I feel that I have been given so much knowledge over such a short period.

The course is part-time which has allowed me to continue working in order to help fund my training, and gives me the flexibility to do my own studying and written work at a time that fits in with this.

This has all certainly been challenging both physically and mentally, however Anna has been there all along, supporting and guiding our learning and quick to help when needed."

Reanna White, D.D.E.


"Anna guided me through the Unit 5 of my DDE via distance learning. I am so impressed with how this module was delivered. The resources and training materials were so helpful and Anna’s detailed and clear tutoring made the whole experience stress free! I felt very prepared every step of the way and was really impressed at her organisation and efficiency when looking at my work. The process was tailored to suit my needs and I was grateful to have successfully passed this unit within a specific timeframe. I would highly recommend Anna as a DDE tutor for anyone who wants to complete this via distant learning."

Inspiring the dancers and teachers of the future

"Anna is  a consummate professional with a fantastic vision and enthusiasm for dance and the arts" - Sophia Hurdley, Principal Artist with Matthew Bourne's New Adventures

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